A suite of simple yet useful APIs to make your work easier, no API key required*

1. Meta grabber

An endpoint that fetches a URL and returns the meta information for that website.

GET /api/meta

2. String to Base64

An endpoint that converts a string into Base64.

GET /api/base64/encode

3. Base64 to String

An endpoint that converts Base64 into a string.

GET /api/base64/decode

4. Profanity detector

An endpoint that detects if a string contains profane, censors it, and shows it's score.

GET /api/profanity

5. Replit blog

An endpoint that fetches Replit's latest blog post, and returns a preview of it in JSON.

GET /api/replitblog

6. Random name

An endpoint that returns a random name from a list of over 40,000 names.

GET /api/random/name

7. Random project name

An endpoint that generates a random project name, similar to GitHub / Glitch's default project names.

GET /api/random/projectname

8. Random fruit

An endpoint that returns the name of a random fruit.

GET /api/random/fruit

9. Random meme

An endpoint that finds a random meme from a random meme subreddit and returns highly detailed information about the post. (You can use the 'useonly' or 'addthese' queries to customize the subreddits used. Split subreddits with commas.)

GET /api/random/meme

10. Random color

An endpoint that generates a random hex color, and provides an hex to image for that color using the SCI API

GET /api/random/color

11. Random joke

An endpoint that finds a random joke from a random joke subreddit.

GET /api/random/joke

12. Random quote

An endpoint that finds a random quote to be inspired from.

GET /api/random/quote